Claudia Raff

Mosaic Artist

Claudia is a mixed media and mosaic artist, born, raised and currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa. From a young age, Claudia was always interested in creative avenues, particularly those that involved working with her hands. As she grew older, she explored many different mediums, often combining different techniques or methods of craftsmanship to get her desired result.

Although she didn’t follow a career in sculpture, despite being one of her biggest passions, her current career has brought her closer to people within the art field, where she has gained more knowledge, expertise and inspiration.

Her initial work focused more on things that bring people nostalgic feelings with a spin, such as a melting Rubik’s Cube. Her current work has taken more of an abstract turn, focusing on states of mind that resonate with people, but still remaining in line with her overall theme of connection.